Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lioele Pop! lip tint + Pretty&Cute review~

i told you there'd be a review soon!  ^^
first up, i've ordered from P&C quite a few times before, but never when i had my blog, sooo here's a review.  :3

Pretty & Cute❁
contact: 5/5.
i was  contacted to confirm my order and again to let me know it'd been shipped out. also, when i first went to order this lip tint, it was out of stock, so i requested to be emailed when they restocked. and i was ~  can't ask for better than that, really.   :3

shipping: 5/5.
can't believe how quickly this got here! three days from South Korea to New Zealand, which is amazing! their shipping costs are also very reasonable.

price: 3/5.
not the best, but definitely not bad! is cheaper, but P&C stocks a lot of brands that sasa doesn't, so it's worth checking them out.  n__n

now, on to the product review. i have a little story first. you guys might have noticed that i never war any lip colour. this is because i have very thin lips and a lopsided smile. completely not attractive. i also have quite dry lips, so i usually just stick to lip balm. 
however! i saw Hyuna sporting the gradient lip in the promo for Bubble Pop! ages ago, and i LOVED it. then Jen (frmheadtotoe) recommended this product for that look, so i thought...well, why not? it's a tint, so not as scary as full-on lipstick, and less drying, too~  

Lioele's POP in Cherry Tint!
price: 5/5.
USD4, so definitely not bad. you don't need a lot, so i think it'll last a long time. 

performance: 5/5.
this does exactly what i wanted it to. 
when i first opened it, i was skeptical. the colour is very bright, the tint is very liquid, and i wasn't sure that the applicator brush would be the easiest way to apply it. however, when i put it on, it only added a hint of cherry colour, which is exactly what i was hoping it would do.
the brush applicator (it's like a nail polish brush) was actually accurate and easy to use.  ^^
the scent is floral-ish, but quite light, and it doesn't really have a flavour that i can discern.
this doesn't make my lips feel dry of cracked like the few lipsticks i've tried, and i can even apply balm over the top of it without messing it up! love~
overall: ☆☆☆☆☆ ~ five stars!  :D

here are some more pictures - before & after...
before are my natural lips (see the lopsided-ness?  >w<;;  ), and after is with one coat of Pop & some clear gloss.  ♡
i didn't notice until i looked at these photos that, instead of sinking into the creases you see on my bare lips, it covers them up really well!

then i wanted to see if it actually was a true tint. you know how some products call themselves a tint, but don't leave any colour once the product has gone? yeah, i wanted to check that this wouldn't do that. so i gave totoro some blush!
i left the tint on for about a minute, then wiped it away and this was what was left! i monitored totoro and his cute cheeks throughout the day, and it faded steadily, but lasted for around four hours, which is pretty great.  n___n

so all in all? i'm still not happy with my lip shape, or my smile, or my teeth, but at least now i can wear pretty lip colour without worrying about it looking silly on me!
(SEE WHAT I MEAN? oh, hello there, non-existent upper lip!  =___=; )
aaaaanyway. i hope this is helpful, and that if you order this you'll like it as much as i do!  (:

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